HRPS brings you THE TRUTH

HRPS had a rough couple of years. After changing their name and line-up back in 2013, the band seemed to have found their sound. This new line-up did not last more than a couple of months, and the band went back to scratch. The band searched high and low for their new members. It was hard digging for gold, when soil and rocks were all that could be found.

The band managed to scrape together a line-up to record HRPS II. Filled with fights, frequent line-up changes and inner turmoil, HRPS managed to make a name for themselves. This did not last. Half of the band quit, and HRPS seemed to be dead. As a last resort, the band managed to assemble another line-up to take the band on an Europe tour. Maybe as a grand finale.

But this is where the history of the band changes drastically. The Grand Tour changed something within them all. They met what you might call gurus on their way. They had freaky rituals. And they had the audience under their thumb. They had discovered THE TRUTH. All of their problems went away. They came out of their collective deep depression. They could see clearly now. The path was lying so clearly ahead of them.

As soon as they arrived home, they started making plans of spreading THE TRUTH wherever they went. Studio time got booked, and THE TRUTH was recorded for everyone to hear.

THE TRUTH is almost ready to be spread, but in the meantime you can watch this infomercial about THE TRUTH: